Llevo pocos meses con este blogs. Nada escrito interesante, y ahora el interrail se presenta interesante para contar. Buscando blogs que hablen cosas de interrail via tecnorati me estoy sorprendiendo.
Pongo algunos de los que estoy encontrando.

Recurso interesante del dia: mapas de trenes de Europa

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  1. March 26th I Hi MikeThanks for your kind comments- great to hear you are folnwoilg the blog. My two blogs from which I will be blogging about the project are BudgetTraveller and my first blog Europebudgetguide.com -both have a combined readership of 17,000 unique visitors per month. Hopefully the success of this project will see those numbers increase.Key for me when looking at sponsors was not just the financial aspect but also the platform they could offer me and the hostels. I’ll be blogging for Travellerspoint who have close to a million unique users a month while Travelzoo is in the region of 2 million unique users. I’ll also be writing guest posts for the blogs of Busabout , Interrail and easyJet so overall there should be fantastic exposure for the hostels and also for all the partners involved.Other key part of the equation will be the real-time exposure across my social networks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where I have 10,000 followers. I spend a lot of time in trips, capturing moments from the trip. This is where I have had a lot of success in generating engagement in previous trips.The last part of the equation is the fact that I will be giving away the guidebook for free. Given the interest in the project already and the fact there is no guidebook on the market on the topic, hopefully should prove popular. Project is geared towards getting maximum exposure for the hostels and the partners. Lot of hard work ahead but should be an exciting few months ahead.

    Comment by Adetola — diciembre 9, 2015 @ 19:42 pm

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